About Us

Health Topics NH (www.healthtopicsnh.com) is one of the leading public health information providers. It’s playing an important role in the services of awareness of public health system. Currently, its inspiration lies at the base of knowledge and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) section. The site is also based on experience through synergizing the implementation of our researches. It likes to make to realized of the researches towards its vision of strengthening the total health systems.


Health Topics NH is founded to support the improvement of the ‘post-apartheid health system’. The operation itself scoped from the regional level to the national and international levels. Health Topics NH is expertise in the health sector to facilitate information for community engagement, human resources, decision making and top quality service delivery. In a line, it’s the total health system along with the people are working here.


Vision of Health Topics NH

Good health for all people all over the world through strong health system and quality health information.


Mission of Health Topics NH

Become a selected partner in building quality health systems through the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


The Approach of Health Topics NH

The Approach of Health Topics NH is based on the following things:

  • Philosophy of the primary health services.
  • Creating evidence-based intercession, innovations and good practice.
  • Offering research support, implementation and management at all of the health system levels.
  • Offering guidance, reviewing and mentoring of health issues.
  • Identifying persuade of the communal determinants regarding health issues.
  • Curetting new knowledge along with creating, storing, sharing.


Core Values of Health Topics NH

Health Topics NH is firmly committed to the following things:

  • Committed to provide excellent and quality health contents.
  • All health information is people-centered.
  • All health information is innovative.
  • All health information is responsive.
  • All health information is knowledge-driven.


Structure of Health Topics NH

Health Topics NH is structured on the unique operation through the following units:

  • It’s researching of the health systems.
  • It’s strengthening the health systems.
  • It provides corporate services to the health systems.


Capability Statement of Health Topics NH

Health Topics NH offers credible and strong service along with extensive capacity for invention of the issues and solutions of the common public health. It also provides the talented and powerful assets to improve health system. It nuanced grab of the disputes façade the level of the primary health care led them to expand creative. It’s also responsible to solve the support the health agenda of the global health. Basically, it’s liable to improve and resolve the issues of the primary level health care.


Some other notes About of Health Topics NH

The site ‘Health Topics NH’ produces authoritative, original and timely information from the credible and respected sources. It practices strict code of the editorial team and covers almost all areas of the public health and medicines. It includes issues of the rare diseases to get coverage of all fields of the human health. The main areas of the site are as follows:

  • In-depth investigative and Features coverage the public health and their lifestyle.
  • Contents of the site are curate and produce via our editorial team.
  • Material of the reference is covering its contents.
  • It has a opinions forums to allow its readers to connect with their friends and family.