Drinks and cocktails: Situation in Bangladesh

Drinks and cocktails: Situation in Bangladesh

Cocktails and bartender made drinks generates the most attraction to the bars. It doesn’t matter if the drinker is a habituated or occasional; most of the people like a good drink in the evening. On the other hand there are people who complaints about cocktails and bartender made drinks because of its extra price. They say, what’s so damn important about these archaic cocktails?

The significance of cocktails isn’t about the cocktails themselves, but the social ritual that used to accompany them. I’m always reminded of this when someone is served a classic drink like a simple old fashioned and they say, “Wow, this is like something my grandfather would have made.” That’s because when our elders used to drink cocktails, they didn’t drink them in a fancy cocktail bar. So the notion passed down to the next generation as well.

The true drink lovers concoct a compromise. Instead of taking his meager daily ration of spirits, they would go for a cocktail like, old Crow Bourbon, perfect, straight up with an olive. Drinkers of this manner wait throughout the week to have good drink at the weekend.

Today cocktail hour seems to have been dropped from most routines, which is a shame. I love the notion of setting aside an hour every day to relax, reflect, and bask in a moment of leisure. Of course such an hour doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a cocktail in hand, but I can’t imagine how supplementing it with a deftly made drink doesn’t enhance the experience.

Taste of these drinks and cocktails depends on the skillset of bartenders. So, in some cases bartenders take themselves too seriously. Their role is to inspire people to pursue the easily attainable and a highly rewarding craft of cocktails at home, frivolous as it may be. People, who think bartenders are just a bunch of lushes, let me assure you, it is not nor has it ever been about getting drunk. It’s that when made properly, the virtues of a handmade cocktail take an extra moment or hour to appropriately savor.

Among the bar in Dhaka Bangladesh, few of the Dhaka bar have internationally trained bartender to make drinks and cocktails. Best drinks are sold in the posh bars of 5 star hotels but these drinks are immensely expensive. There are some bar in Uttara, Dhaka which provide quality cocktails in a reasonable price.

Mi 3 Review –Sleek Body with High Performance Smartphone

Mi 3 Review –Sleek Body with High Performance Smartphone

The Mi 3 is accelerating life with its latest Smartphone with a sleek body and high performance. This elegant handset comes with a Qualcomm processor of Snapdragon 800. It also offers primary camera of 13-mega pixel with wireless connectivity. Its own User Interface (UI) and Cloud space acts as the backup of the contents.

Some Special Features of Mi 3

It’s coming with many attractive features of its performance, display, IPS technology, Pressure Sensitive and Design. Moreover, its Thermal Graphite, Camera, Battery and Mi User Interface is great. So, let’s keep learning more about them.

High Performance & Display of Mi 3

It’s well paced with the latest model’s processor like the Quad-Core Snapdragon 800, GPU Adreno 330 with 2GB RAM, resulting a great experience of favorite apps and games at a blazing speed. Its 2GB RAM offers a high data rate, amazing bandwidth, power efficiency and memory density. The phone presents a 5-inch pressure sensitive, Full HD display with 441 pixels per inch. Its IPS technology is providing vibrantly stunning color’s consistency and easy viewing ease from any angles. Its backlit display comes with the touch-screen gives you loads vibrant colors and black detail.

Design, Camera & Battery life of Mi 3

The body of the Mi 3 is aluminum-magnesium coated alloy with the thermal graphite with three layers that’s providing a rock-hard outer frame. It comes with speaker grills of 120 laser-cut and a USB port of metal-reinforced. Its water-resistant cover is microfiber lining and protects it from end to end.


Its primary camera comes with 5-piece lens including an infrared to deliver more accurate and detail colors with 13-mega pixel. The front camera is 2mp allowing to capture good selfie with 30mm wide-angle lens. Mi 3’s battery life is amazing with 3050mAh’s 4.35 voltage lithium-ion integrates its power management from the CPU. This offers you to get each last drop of the high-performing battery.

Other Features of Mi 3

Mi User Interface – It’s a customized new level phone redefines with the Android operating system. You can check used data; backup all data in its Mi Cloud and blocking of unwanted contacts.


Phone Experience – Get contacts, simply using its dial pad that’s displaying an avatar in full screen.


Android OS – Its operating system is the Android Kitkat 4.4.2 based on the Mi User Interface. It’s compatible with your loving games and apps. There are built-in themes, setting options, widgets etc.


Connectivity – Mi 3 is coming with multiple connections like NFC, Dual-band Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth v4.0. It also supports 2G/ 3G networks. Its 5 GHz WI-FI feature gives quick data transfer without disconnects. It supports Mini SIM cards as well.


Sound – The phone uses Dirac technology that’s adjusted the audio output for better quality sound based on your headphones type. It has brought to you the first SFX surround sound to the headphones and giving theater-like sound.


So, these all attractive features can make you confirmed to buying this great Mi 3 phone within cheap budget. It’s taking with the free Mi Cloud option to backup files, high quality cameras and many more amazing features to make you happy. Moreover, it’s a budget phone offering great connectivity, software and reinstalled apps.


Meta Description

Mi 3 is a sleek designed, high performing Smartphone coming with great apps and features such as Display, Camera, Battery life, Android OS and Sound.

Exclusive German’s Top Tourist Attractions in the Europe’s Heart

Exclusive German’s Top Tourist Attractions in the Europe’s Heart.German’s varieties of travel attractions are impressive. It’s the host of huge lakes, castles and cathedrals along with more than 41 UNESCO heritage sites. The heart of the Europe makes all travelers satisfied with their expectations of many fantastic travel destinations. The land of rich natural beauties, culture and history describe the significance of getting the vacation in Germany.

Exclusive German’s Top Tourist Attractions in the Europe’s Heart

German’s Top Tourist Attractions

The historic cities with small town and abundance of mountains and forests have a large selection for visitors. Those like sightseeing or gathering knowledge of the arts must head to its metropolitan areas such as the Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps or the Mosel Valley. There are so many villages in these small towns with the traditional continue of centuries-old.

Let’s get a glimpse of German’s top tourist destinations right now:

The Black Forest

One of the top tourist attractions with beautiful dark, densely hills in the Black Forest. It’s located in Germany’s southwestern corner from 160 km from North Waldshut’s Pforzheim. This hiker’s heaven is descended steeply to the South’s High Rhine crossed with lush valleys and the East is gently sloppy down. This popular spot offers skiing at the oldest Todtnau, the Baden-Baden spa facilities as well as the attractive Bad Liebenzell’s resorts. Moreover, travelers enjoy its amazing Black Forest Railway with famous falls and the Open Air Museum.

Berlin’s Museum Island

Berlin’s Museum Island is world-famous lies in between the River Spree Kupfergraben and a 400-meter long river canal. Here are the most significant and oldest museums of Berlin constructed in 1830 displaying the royal treasures. But, later on the land sets for art and the knowledge of antiquity. It gets the status as the National Gallery in 1876. The other attractions of the island are walking tour of the museums with historic buildings. But, there are many things to see that can require a whole day.

The Berlin Wall

This might not be a picture perfect place, but the Berlin Wall is one of the top attractions for all visitors while they’re traveling to Berlin. The wall was built in 1961 that was the most visible manifestation after WWII. The wall is torn down in 1990 by its huge length of 155 km. But, there are still some graffiti-covered sections that are reminding of 70 and more people’s death while trying to escape from The East Germany. Its historic fascination attracts the travelers to visit the torn-down wall.

 King’s Lake (Königssee)

This is another great beautiful spot of Berchtesgadener Land is renowned as the King’s Lake. The place is the walkers’ paradise near Salzburg. The famous route of the attractive footpath beside the Painter’s Corner, or the Konigssee. The visitors get charmed with the views of the mountains and the lake. At the south end of the lake offers a boat trip of the ancient Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Bartholomev. There is Berchtesgaden at the Deutsche Alpenstrasse’s end, that’s well-known as the Bavarian Alps’ mountain resorts.

These are some of German’s top tourist attractions across the country. All of them might not familiar to you, but they offer great pleasure and amuse of mind. Some other attractive travelers’ places, including LAKE CONSTANCE, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE, Cologne Cathedral, MINIATUR WUNDERLAND HAMBURG etc.





Secrets of teenager’s ability to learn

Secrets of teenager’s ability to learn. A teenager’s ability to learn and form memories is closely linked to the reward-seeking behavior of the brain, researchers have found.

Secrets of teenager’s ability to learn

“Studies of the adolescent brain often focus on the negative effects of teenagers‘ reward-seeking behavior,” said Daphna Shohamy, Associate Professor of psychology at New York’s Columbia University.

However, the study found that this tendency may be tied to better learning with a critical feature of adolescence and the maturing brain.

“We identified patterns of brain activity in adolescents that support learning — serving to guide them into adulthood successfully,” Shohamy added.

The team involved 41 teenagers and 31 adults in order to study. They scanned the brains of each participant with functional magnetic resonance imaging while they were performing the learning tasks.

The fMRI analysis revealed an uptick in hippocampal (brain’s memory center) activity for teenagers — but not adults during the reinforcement learning, a reward signal which helps the brain learn how to repeat the successful choice again.

Again, that activity seemed to be tightly coordinated with activity in the striatum — a critical component of the brain’s reward system.

The researchers slipped in random and irrelevant pictures of objects into the learning tasks, such as a globe or a pencil.

When asked later on, adults and teens both remembered seeing some of the objects. However, only in the teenagers the memory of the objects was associated with reinforcement learning.

“The findings showed teenagers do not necessarily have better memory, in general, but rather the way in which they remember is different,” Shohamy said.

The results of this research were published in the journal Neuron.



Small lie can make you a big sinner

Small lie can make you a big sinner. An interesting study has revealed Self-serving lies might gradually lead people to a bigger one and finally push them down a slippery slope where their brains may start to adapt to the dishonesty, by making deceit look easier.

Small lie can make you a big sinner

The findings showed that telling small lies desensitizes our brains to the associated negative emotions and may encourage us to tell bigger lies in the future.

Beside, amygdala is a part of the brain associated with emotion was said to be most active when people first lied for their personal gain. The amygdala’s response to lying declined with every lie in the meantime the magnitude of the lies escalated.

Larger drops in amygdala activity predicted bigger lies in future, the researchers said.

Tali Sharot from University College London (UCL) said “When we tell a lie for a personal gain, our amygdala produces a negative feeling that limits the extent to which we are prepared to lie.”

“However, the response fades as we continue to tell lie, and the more it falls the bigger our lies become. This may lead to a ‘slippery slope’ where small acts of dishonesty escalate into more significant lies,” Sharot observed.

The team included 80 volunteers for the study. They took part in a team estimation task that involved guessing the number of pennies in a jar and sending their estimates to partners whom they never seen using a computer.

Participants were told that aiming for the most accurate estimate would benefit them and their partner and over-estimating the amount would benefit the volunteer at their partner’s expense.

The results revealed that people started by little exaggerating their estimates which elicited strong amygdala responses.

Their exaggerations escalated because the experiment went on while their amygdala responses declined.

The researchers only tested dishonesty in this experiment. The same principle may also apply to escalations in other actions such as risk taking or even violent behavior as they stated, in the study that published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.



Get beautiful with ethnic dress

Get beautiful with ethnic dress.Those days are gone when ethnic wear was worn only for festive occasions and special events. Today, outfits like saris and salwar-kurtas are setting the charts on fire like never before with some simple twist and turn in draping and accessorizing.

Get beautiful with ethnic dress

Ethnic wear can be versatile enough to suit almost every occasion, event, and time from workplace attire to party-wear and casual dressing. What’s more, you can look just as modern and glamorous in its graceful folds and designs.

Bangalore-based designer Latha Puttanna tells how one can look trendy in ethnic wear.

* Sari: There are many variations in sari drapes as there are in designing the attire itself. From the casual open-pallu look to the carefully-draped pleats, the options are many. In other way to give the sari a trendy touch is to complement it with a whole host of fun accessories, which could include clutches or jewelry.

* Sari blouse: Wearing a sleeveless, halter-neck or off-shoulder blouse always gives an ethnic ensemble the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

* Shoes: The designer prefers classic-style shoes when it comes to shoes. These designs can never go out of style that is why, by pairing your ethnic wear with these classic accessories will set the fashion charts on fire!

* Dupatta: there was time when, the dupatta was traditionally used as a veil for women. Now a days, with ever-evolving cuts, designs, and styles, there is usually no need to wear one. Eliminating this garment from you ensemble while combining it with tips mentioned above, it can help you turn your ethnic wear into today’s fashion statement.



Secrets of Déjà vu

Déjà vu… It is really very difficult to study it— the odd feeling you get when you sense you’ve already experienced something that you know you are doing for the first time — in the laboratory. This is mainly because the phenomenon is very rare and difficult to reproduce. There are similarities between déjà vu and the more common experience of seeing a person who seems vaguely familiar to you, Still who’s name, how you know them, and where you previously met escape you.

Secrets of Déjà vu

Unlike déjà vu, scientists are able to test feelings of familiarity in the laboratory. One way they do this is by asking research participants to scan and quickly assess the familiarity of faces or places they have seen before and those that they are seeing for the first time. Such research helped researchers come to understand the familiarity and recollection are two different forms of memory that work together during recognition. While people experience the sense of familiarity rapidly, recollection this requires the recovery of associations prompted by a critical cue, takes longer.  For instance, if you begin a casual conversation with that person you know you recognize but cannot remember the place, you might start to uncover details that trigger memories revealing the person’s name and how you know them.

Functional MRI (fMRI) studies of people are asked to judge the familiarity of faces and buildings have revealed and when people try to distinguish familiar from novel faces, changes in activity occur in an area of the temporal lobe which is called the perirhinal cortex. An adjacent area called parahippocampal cortex is shows activity changes when people distinguish familiar buildings from those they are seeing for the first time.

Thus, déjà vu for a face may be the result of messages which is sent from the perirhinal cortex whereas déjà vu for a place may stem from messages relayed from the parahippocampal cortex. Both of these regions send their information to the hippocampus, which supports recollection. So, the full experience of recollection may reflect a combining of converging signals from both perirhinal and parahippocampal areas to the hippocampus.



How your Furniture gives modern to your homes

How your Furniture gives modern to your homes.Some times we looks very clear and beautiful home. We expect that our room will keep nice environment with beautiful furniture’s. Thus many people expanse there type of furniture for their home decoration. Some time complete home decoration and nice clean room

How your Furniture gives modern to your homes

Short expense you should like a best look in your room. Furniture without ornaments match the latest home fashion trend .classic color combination of furniture creates the contrast between clean lines and neutral wall color.  modern  bedroom  furniture clear geometric and smooth matte or gloss surfaces are characteristic .

No need to worry about your full set of your room. Here are some rolled ideas of furniture that can add a modern and gorgeous in your home

  1. Recliner: One set that most suitable for your room. This is perfect for a corner in your house where you can spend hours reading your favourite book or binge-watching TV shows. Go for a classy, sophisticated looking lounger which is made of superlative fabric and suits all weather conditions.
  2. Queen size bed: One of the used people said that may should keep in your room is you are newly married. Night time is when it gets really chilly and you want to leave behind all your worries and enjoy a good night’s sleep curled up under a soft, comfy quilt. It is essential your mattress gives you a sense of tranquillity and a queen bed also promises maximum space; you can hoard extra fluffy pillow for a splendid good night’s rest.
  3. Patio furniture: 3rd choice part of your house. This has many class that you can choseyou’re your house. Wooden furniture is perfect for the outdoors but needs to be taken care of, since the weather can be harsh on the wood, the best way to avoid the ill-effects is to use furniture covers to protect your patio furniture from the weather conditions or paint your furniture if you see any signs of chipping or peeling.
  4. Plush three-seater sofa: There are numbers of people using this as for there room. The seating arrangement should be such that people feel welcome the moment they walk into your home and should sink right into the comfort of your sofa.
  5. Lights and carpets: In present modern people using this items. This comes really nice on our room. Lamps of different sizes and dim lights around the house can make you feel at home in an instant. Yellow lights tend to spread warmth around the house. The floor is likely to get cool during winters. Lay down huge, plush carpets to avoid stepping on the chilly floor as they will keep your feet warm and snug.

Lesser the sleep higher the interest in sugar-sweetened drink

Lesser the sleep higher the interest in sugar-sweetened drink.According to a new study Who sleep five or fewer hours a night are likely to drink significantly more sugary caffeinated drinks, such as sodas and energy drinks,

Lesser the sleep higher the interest in sugar-sweetened drink

“We think there might be a positive loop where sugary drinks and sleep loss reinforce one another, making it harder for people to eliminate their unhealthy sugar habit,” said Aric A Prather.

“This data suggests increasing people’s sleep could potentially help them break out of the cycle and cut down on their sugar intake, which we know that linked to metabolic disease,” Prather added.

The researchers in the study published in the journal Sleep Health analyzed all the records of around 18,000 participants For understanding if this is a more general pattern in the adult population,.

The study also included participants’ reports of how much sleep they usually got during the work week, as well as their total consumption of various beverages and including caffeinated and non-caffeinated sweetened beverages, fruit juice, drinks with artificial sweeteners, and plain coffee, tea and water.

The researchers found that those who regularly slept less than five hours per night also drank 21% more caffeinated sugar-sweetened beverages in which includes both sodas and non-carbonated energy drinks — than people who slept seven to eight hours a night.

People sleeping six hours per night regularly consumed 11 per cent more caffeinated sugar-sweetened beverages. On the contrary, the team found no association between sleep duration and taking of juice, tea or diet drinks.

“Sleeping little and drinking too many sugary drinks have both are linked to negative metabolic health outcomes, including obesity,” Prather added.

Increasing the duration and quality of sleep could be a useful new intervention for improving the health and well-being of people who drink a lot of sugary beverages, the study suggests.

Depression after heart attack affects sexual life

Depression after heart attack affects sexual life.New research has found impaired sexual function or new problems occur at the rate as a loss of general physical function and at a higher rate than the incidence of depression after heart attack.

Depression after heart attack affects sexual lifeThe problem appears to be more common among womenthan men as the study said that more than half of women (59 per cent) and less than half (46 per cent) of men reported sexual function problems in the year after a heart attack.

one of the authors in charge of the study Harlan Krumholz, Professor at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut said “Too often the physicians and researchers are too embarrassed to ask about sexual health, and yet these issues are important to many people We need to concern ourselves with gaining knowledge about how to help our patients to achieve a high quality of life in all aspects of their lives.”

The participants in the study were from US hospitals. Of the 2,802 patientsincluded in the analysis, 1889 were women which is 67.4 per cent, median age was 49 years.

The study, published in the journal JAMA Cardiology, showed that if a physician talks to the patient about sexual health and function after a heart attack patient is more likely to resume sex.

However, women were less likely to be counselled by physicians on what to expect and more likely to have problems with sexual function as theygaiun recovery.

“The next step is to design optimal intervention to improve sexual function outcomes after heart attack for men and women,” study author Stacy TesslerLindau, Associate Professor at the University of Chicago, noted.