Amazingly Healthy High-Fiber Fruits & Vegetables

In spite of its popular connection with a journey to the lavatory, High-Fiber Fruits & Vegetables is not a joke. Among other, high-fiber diets are helpful to reduce the danger of heart disease, hypertension, stroke and constipation. But, unfortunately, most of the people are consuming low fiber diets all time. Only 3% of Americans are consuming high-fiber diets as it has been recommended.

Necessity of High-Fiber Fruits & Vegetables

Fiber is such a thing that is very vital for the human body, but it is never digested by the digestive organs – actually, it remains almost same in amount from our plate to the restroom. There are two varieties of fiber – soluble & insoluble and most of the fruits and vegetables that are coming from the plants are mixed of both. The fiber that is soluble turns into get in our stomach and makes our digestion process slow, which assists to lower blood glucose, cholesterol levels and colon cancer. On the other hand, insoluble fiber remains as same as we eat, unchanged that make inside waste softer and heavier. As a result, it could be shimmy through our intestines so easy. It also reduces unwanted gas, cramping and bloating.

Recommended Amount of Fiber & the Reality

The recommended dose of Fiber is like this: for women – about 25 grams per day and men – at least 35 grams and its up to 40 grams per day. It also recommended that we should take whole food’s fiber – not the “added fiber. The amount of fiber varies slightly with food between raw & cooked versions.

Some Most amazing High-Fiber Fruits & Vegetables

Here are some more amazing High-Fiber Fruits & Vegetables that must be added in our diet plan regular basis:

Split Peas

Split peas contain about 16.3 grams of fiber in 1 cup in its cooked version. It’s full of protein base for stews, soups etc. This is one of the best South Indian dishes are comfort food along with super filling, healthy and satisfying.


We know mostly the sunny and yellow version of the corn, but it normally comes in the rainbow colors. It contains 3.5 grams of fiber in each 3 cups of serving with essential antioxidant nutrients.


Lentils contain 15.6 grams of fiber in its cooked version. It’s the all-stars in the kitchen – they not only need less time to prepare, but also more versatile in compare of any other legumes. They could be added with walnuts, cilantro and lemon juice to increase the taste.

White beans

White beans are fiber-rich food along with iron and protein. One cup of white beans covers up 25% of the daily recommended amount of fiber. It has nutrients to fight against hypertension.

Black Beans

One cup of cooked black beans contains about 15 grams of fiber. It could be healthy and tasty bean dish with sweet potatoes and chipotle peppers.


Another great source of fiber is avocado. It contains about 10 grams of fiber in 2 tablespoon serving. It’s also a nice source of polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats that can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and lower the levels of cholesterol.

Lima Beans

One cup of cooked lima beans contains 13.2 grams of fiber. It could be unappetizing, but after cooking in bacon fat with pureed and leeks in a soup, they are more delicious.

Brown rice

In case of a strictly eater of white-rice, the nutty taste and texture of brown rice could be the great source of natural fiber. One cup of brown rice contains about 3.5 grams fiber.

These are some of the most amazing High-Fiber Fruits & Vegetables that are most important for our body in various ways. Moreover, Artichokes, Pear, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Raspberries and Blackberries are a good source of natural fiber, antioxidant and essential nutrients.


Beauty Hair Products That Protect Your Hair from Heat

Beauty Hair Prosduct That Protect Your Hair from Heat.Not happy with your beauty hair dryer? You have a better option, it’s your dryer’s fault with leaving poor one static or frizz. Your hair dryer could be noisy, cumbersome and slow to use. The top hair stylists recommended a good dryer must 1800 watt in minimum with different heat settings. It also is having the button of cold shot to set volume and shape.

What to Know about Hair Dryer?

If you’re using a heavier hair dryer for your fizzy hair, so you must look out its nozzles shaped narrow. This does not allow your hair to blow roughly too much. Sliding switches are tricky when they stick, but rocker switches can be easier to use. Sometimes, rocker switches can be turned on accidentally while holding the handle. So, better you make a range of your styles. If your hair is complex, professional hair dryers are better for you.

For the best, you can point the airflow down to shaft your hair using a nozzle. Especially, for your fine hair, you can include lift at the hair roots to provide it volume. You must not make your hair over dried; instead make it dry carefully and slowly. Select an iconic technology hair dryer with reducing frizz, conditions along with shiny look.

1. Dyson Supersonic (John Lewis)

This is an eye-watering high priced dryer, but this one is a Dom Perigon’s hair dryer. It makes your hair dry within half of the normal time. It also makes your hair smooth and shiny without using a straighter. Like a fancy hand dryer, this one is combined with ultra-powerful and directed airflow along with a sensor of heat-protection. It also allows your hair to get long with its simple use as well as quite.

2. Parlux Advance Light

It’s an Italian hair dryer brand and recommends the professional hairdressers. The brand has won many awards for its design and quality since the decades. The dryer comes in different colors with a heat-proof body and ergonomic design. Its motor lasts for a long time and it comes with an easy operating temperature control. This one is one of the lightest and quietest hair dryers offering gentle and quick drying.

3. Panasonic EH-NA65-K

They demand to infuse thousand times more moisture your hair than any other typical hair dryers. It also adds volume, minimizes frizz along with reducing damage. You will find all claims are live with this dryer. It makes your hair less greasy and brittle as well as less oily. It offers you glossy looking hair that lasts a long time. But, this does not mean being lighter in the roundup.

4. John Frieda (Luxurious Volume)

The lightweight bargain machine dries your hair with long locks rapidly without damaging the hair through overheating. Actually, it’s not as hot as other dryers at the highest setting. Its long cord with handy curlers and diffusers boost your flat hair naturally. But, it has no quite blast that other brands have in their roundup.

These are some of the best brand hair dryers for your beautiful hair. There are many more brands that can suite with different types of hair. Select a suitable hair dryer for your best hair care. You can consult with a beautician to determine best beauty care products. Some other hair dryer brands are Label.m Tournamline, ghd Aura Hairdryer,

Babyliss 3Q Dryer, Remington Shine Therapy, Barnum Magnesium Hairdryer etc.

Extraordinary Top 5 Fruits you possibly don’t know them

Special Stores along with regular supermarkets are continuously extending their obscure and exotic vegetables and fruits selections. There are a lot of uncommon and unknown vegetables and fruits. Most of the time people don’t become interested to buy and eat unknown fruits and vegetables, because they are not familiar with them and their various benefits.

Some Top 5 Fruits those are possibly unknown to you

Today we shall be introduced with some fruits those are possibly unknown to many of us, but they are full of health benefits. So, here are some fruits with their healthy effects to our body:

1. Sugar Apple (Scientific Name: Annona squamosa)

Sugarapples are also known as Sweetsop and its native to the Americas, although it’s grown widely in India, Philippines and Pakistan. It looks like pine cones and about 10 centimeters in diameter. It’s whitish flesh under hard and lumpy skin with several seeds inside and tastes like custard.

Health Benefits of Sugar apples:

  • The seeds of Sugar Apple contain neutral resin, fixed oil, alkaloid and irritant poison with properties of lice killing.
  • Ripe fruit could be applied with salt on tumors.
  • Unripe one works for dysentery and diarrhea.

2. Cherymoya (Sc. Name: Annona cherimola)

Cherymoya looks like the custard apple. It’s a deciduous tree that is found in the mountains of South America. The fruit is round vaguely with juicy white and fragrant and it tastes like the combination of papaya, pineapple and bananas.

Health Benefits:

  • Its vitamin C, antioxidant prevents infection
  • Its vitamin B6 provides 20% of the daily dose
  • Its high potassium control blood pressure and heart rate

3. Platonia (Sc. Name: Platonia insignis)

Platonia is also known as Bacuri and it’s a huge tree with about 40 meter high, which is found in Paraguay and Brazil. It looks like an orange with thick yellow peel, but its inside contains the sticky white pulp. Its seeds are black and several in number with sweet as well as sour flavor.

Health Benefits:

  • Decreases the risk of Heart Attack
  • Prevent infection
  • Regulates blood pressure and heart rate

4. Cocona (Sc. Name: Solanum sessiliflorum)

Cocona is also found in the tropical mountains of South America. It looks like tomatoes and taste of tomatoes and lemon mixture.

Health Benefits of Cocona

  • Its high water content keeps our body, calm with liquid
  • Its vitamin B5 and iron meet the need of requirement

5. Breadfruit (Sc. Name: Artocarpus altilis)

  • It’s a large tree of Breadfruit and native of the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. It looks like bananas. It’s soft and sweet when it’s ripe.

Health Benefits of Breadfruit

  • It has moderate levels of vitamins and minerals that we need
  • It meets the need of Vitamin B2, iron, niacin and phosphorus
  • Its contains enough protein in our body

So, these are the Top 5 Fruits you possibly don’t know them. Now, you know about them and find them in the markets and consume for many kinds of health benefits; some of them are saying above shortly.

The Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft & Shiny in winter

The Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft & Shiny in winter.The weather of winter season doesn’t bring any fun without problems for your beautiful skin due to low humidity and dry air. It takes moisture from your skin in each second of the day in the season of winter. Dry skin, lips, heels, and other parts of your body, get worsen the problem if they are not taken care properly.

To get rid of these problems, here are Top 10 Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft & Shiny in winter:

  1. Moisturize instantly Afterwards: Use moisturizers to damp skin to seal and heal your dampness and keep a bottle of moisturizer near your bathtub and shower stall that it can remember it after each wash.
  1. Use Lukewarm Water: Hot baths and showers are always good in the season of winter and compulsory you must wash your face and hands with lukewarm water to avoid oils in your skin.
  1. Choose Best Quality Moisturizers: All of the moisturizers are not good and suitable for your skin, so you must choose your moisturizers of best quality. It’s better to console with a skin specialist to get better skin care moisturizer that suit your skin.
  1. Humidify: The heating system in your room dries the air, so you must install a humidifier to keep balance in humidity in your home, especially in the bedroom.
  1. Personal Protection: You must use scarves and gloves to protect your skin from the winter wind, snow and rain. Also, remember the sunscreen.
  1. Drink: Most of us drink less water in winter and take more hot drinks, such as tea, coffee and cocoa. But, you must not overlook that skin needs water from inside of the body. You should drink water as usual during the winter season.
  1. Avoid Toxins, especially Allergens & Irritants: When you are suffering from the problems of eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, you must avoid the irritants and allergens that can trigger up the issues. Moreover, avoid irritating woolen fabrics and detergents. You should use mild cleansers & moisturizers that are specially made for your sensitive skin.
  1. Overnight Moisturize: The areas like hands, elbows, feet and knees contain thin skin and lose moisture faster, so you should consider using a deep moisturizer balm at night and then wearing some cotton socks and gloves.
  1. Hydrate from the inner-side: Eat foods that contain high amount of water to hydrate the skin from the inner – side of your body, such as watermelon, apples, cantaloupe, kiwi, oranges, and watery vegetables like tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, carrots and zucchini.
  1. Use DIY Masks: The home remedies of hydrating masks are helpful to moisturizing in winter. You can use the ingredients of natural moisturizing like honey, yogurt, avocado, olive and almond oil, jojoba oils, bananas, & aloe. Make a paste with these and put it in your face for 10 to 30 minutes to get hydration of your skin.

These simple Top 10 Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft & Shiny in winter can prevent your skin from winter problems. Otherwise, it can make some big problems over the time pass. Take proper care of your skin and enjoy good health in this winter!


Computer User Interface (UI) – Next Generation UI is just about here

When it’s talking about computer’s User Interface (UI), we like to refer the system or program of the computer to the users. Generally, get about the graphics, sound and text. Most of us are familiar with common Windows or Apple operating system. These two allow us to interact with the desktop icons with the mouse cursors. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, has made the major shifting of ‘text to graphics’ with his Macintosh operating system. But, we are witnesses of the innovated User Interface (UI) involving with touch use, voice and gestures. These all are at the primary level of their development.

So, let’s go with some of the next generation computer User Interface (UI):

1. Gesture Interfaces

Sci-fi movie the ‘Minority Report’ was portrayed about the future technology. There used the imaginary gesture interface primarily. The protagonist, Tom Cruise, wore a pair of gesturing futuristic gloves. As the same way, the gesture interfaces are already introduced with limited options. This way, you can control images, data sheet, videos and input various commands over your computer system. In this interface, the command of the input comes from the users’ hands or other parts of the body. Without touching the screen, just make a target and put the command and your order is done! The z-axis edition to the existed two dimensional UI is coming to make real the human-computer communication knowledge.

2. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice inputting command through the ‘Voice User Interface (VUI) is also at the stage of primary and limited. This user interface is also going to make a new revolution to the computer users’. SIRI is the most recent VUI. It’s the application of personal assistant incorporated from Apple iOS. It also supports acting to the technologies such as Google Glass. The said Glass acts as a Smartphone. You need not to touch or command with fingers. It allows you to command of your own voice to control the system. Still the VUI is not totally perfect for use till today. But, in the near future, it will get developed to overcome all of its lacks.

3. Flexible OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display

Is Your Smartphone still not enough responsive and rigid to carry your commands? So, you’re probably with the first generation’s one. You can try the latest Flexible OLED displays. This comes with the organic semiconductor displaying light even at the time of rolling or stretching. It offers a brand new with less rigid Smartphone screen along with a plastic bendable substrate.

4. Brain-Computer Interface

While we think, our brain produces its electrical signals. So, each of its thoughts make some specific pattern of the brainwave. These separate electrical signals are mapped to make a specific command. As a result, our thoughts can complete some set of commands. This technique is going to be implemented to the computer system. It already applied to some software with success. After making its complete application, it can allow us to make our home a ‘Smart Home’. One can turn lights or fans on and off having no steps to their bed.

Finally, we are entering into the real interfaces of the all sci-fi movies ideas with various next generations’ computer user interface. There are many more computer user interfaces, including Augmented Reality (AR), Tangible User Interface (TUI), and Wearable Computer etc. So, let’s see what comes in the next upper levels of our technologies.