Computer User Interface (UI) – Next Generation UI is just about here

When it’s talking about computer’s User Interface (UI), we like to refer the system or program of the computer to the users. Generally, get about the graphics, sound and text. Most of us are familiar with common Windows or Apple operating system. These two allow us to interact with the desktop icons with the mouse cursors. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, has made the major shifting of ‘text to graphics’ with his Macintosh operating system. But, we are witnesses of the innovated User Interface (UI) involving with touch use, voice and gestures. These all are at the primary level of their development.

So, let’s go with some of the next generation computer User Interface (UI):

1. Gesture Interfaces

Sci-fi movie the ‘Minority Report’ was portrayed about the future technology. There used the imaginary gesture interface primarily. The protagonist, Tom Cruise, wore a pair of gesturing futuristic gloves. As the same way, the gesture interfaces are already introduced with limited options. This way, you can control images, data sheet, videos and input various commands over your computer system. In this interface, the command of the input comes from the users’ hands or other parts of the body. Without touching the screen, just make a target and put the command and your order is done! The z-axis edition to the existed two dimensional UI is coming to make real the human-computer communication knowledge.

2. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice inputting command through the ‘Voice User Interface (VUI) is also at the stage of primary and limited. This user interface is also going to make a new revolution to the computer users’. SIRI is the most recent VUI. It’s the application of personal assistant incorporated from Apple iOS. It also supports acting to the technologies such as Google Glass. The said Glass acts as a Smartphone. You need not to touch or command with fingers. It allows you to command of your own voice to control the system. Still the VUI is not totally perfect for use till today. But, in the near future, it will get developed to overcome all of its lacks.

3. Flexible OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display

Is Your Smartphone still not enough responsive and rigid to carry your commands? So, you’re probably with the first generation’s one. You can try the latest Flexible OLED displays. This comes with the organic semiconductor displaying light even at the time of rolling or stretching. It offers a brand new with less rigid Smartphone screen along with a plastic bendable substrate.

4. Brain-Computer Interface

While we think, our brain produces its electrical signals. So, each of its thoughts make some specific pattern of the brainwave. These separate electrical signals are mapped to make a specific command. As a result, our thoughts can complete some set of commands. This technique is going to be implemented to the computer system. It already applied to some software with success. After making its complete application, it can allow us to make our home a ‘Smart Home’. One can turn lights or fans on and off having no steps to their bed.

Finally, we are entering into the real interfaces of the all sci-fi movies ideas with various next generations’ computer user interface. There are many more computer user interfaces, including Augmented Reality (AR), Tangible User Interface (TUI), and Wearable Computer etc. So, let’s see what comes in the next upper levels of our technologies.


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