Dell XPS 15’s review – The best Laptop Supporting Windows 10 OS

Dell XPS 15’s review – The best Laptop Supporting Windows 10 OS

Dell XPS 15’s review – The best Laptop Supporting Windows 10 OS.The laptop of Dell XPS 15 comes with the Windows 10 of Skylake-based best ever laptop. It has the Intel i7 Quad-core 2.6 processor with 16GB RAM, 15.6-inch screen, Nvidia GeoForce graphics card and 512GB of SSD storage. Its XPS of 2015 domination got end and arrived the new Kaby enabled Skylake powered one. It has not changed a whole much at its design, but it could be enabled to get login with the Hello Windows with a fingerprint scanner.

The Skylake-based best laptop – Dell XPS 15

It’s hard to not get wowed immediately after seeing the gorgeous InfinityEdege bezels of Dell. You’ll be impressed every time you see it. It shines absolutely next to the bog standard laptops and really outstanding on the shelf.

Keyboard with Touchpad

As you expected from the XPS 15 similar design of gorgeous younger one of the XPS series, it comes with same carbon fiber-keyboard, aluminum chassis. You’ll feel its carbon-fiber with a different appeal to its larger surface. For example, smaller footprint can meet yours less access to the keyboard edge. But, the entire laptop looks more compact and neater.

InfinityEdge Display

The resolution of the display is a glossy 4K (3,840×2, 160). This resolution is higher than the Retina panel of Apple’ MacBook Pro, which is (2,880×1, 800). Dell made some amazing bold claims with its stunning display the Adobe’s 100% color RGB as well as sRGB color gamuts. If you’re a true-color seeker, then there is no other alternative without Dell XPS 15. There is not a lack of brightness at all. It offers an eye-searing level of the brightness with 363.4cd/m2.

Performance plus Battery Life

There are many configurations come with the Dell XPS 15. At the launching time it has the range of the aforementioned resolution 1,920×1, 080 with a price of £1,099. It also provides 8GB DDR4 RAM and 2.3GHz quad-core Skylake-based processor. Other models are available with the Intel core i7 2.6GHz processor. The main difference is in the storage capacity. But, all models come with 2GB GDDR5 with Nvidia GeForce 960M. It also offers a great battery life that you’ll like it.


The XPS 15 has similarly the XPS 13’s multi-function port of the Thunderbolt 3 is being for battery charging, connecting to other devices and data transferring. Here is used the connector of familiar USB Type C Connector that works nicely with USB C devices. It could be used with the Thunderbolt Dock’s optional as well as the yet-to-be-released proving you 3 output displays.


There in no doubt that the Dell XPS 15 is an amazing laptop. It has no instant visual impact of the XPS 13, but it has an abundance of power into a smooth 15.6-inch screen laptop. It has a superior performance along with the stylish looks as well as its ability of meeting the users’ expectation in a premium price. Any of the laptop lovers will fall in love with this one. On a whole, it’s a great Dell’s surprise to the laptop users.



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