Drinks and cocktails: Situation in Bangladesh

Drinks and cocktails: Situation in Bangladesh

Cocktails and bartender made drinks generates the most attraction to the bars. It doesn’t matter if the drinker is a habituated or occasional; most of the people like a good drink in the evening. On the other hand there are people who complaints about cocktails and bartender made drinks because of its extra price. They say, what’s so damn important about these archaic cocktails?

The significance of cocktails isn’t about the cocktails themselves, but the social ritual that used to accompany them. I’m always reminded of this when someone is served a classic drink like a simple old fashioned and they say, “Wow, this is like something my grandfather would have made.” That’s because when our elders used to drink cocktails, they didn’t drink them in a fancy cocktail bar. So the notion passed down to the next generation as well.

The true drink lovers concoct a compromise. Instead of taking his meager daily ration of spirits, they would go for a cocktail like, old Crow Bourbon, perfect, straight up with an olive. Drinkers of this manner wait throughout the week to have good drink at the weekend.

Today cocktail hour seems to have been dropped from most routines, which is a shame. I love the notion of setting aside an hour every day to relax, reflect, and bask in a moment of leisure. Of course such an hour doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a cocktail in hand, but I can’t imagine how supplementing it with a deftly made drink doesn’t enhance the experience.

Taste of these drinks and cocktails depends on the skillset of bartenders. So, in some cases bartenders take themselves too seriously. Their role is to inspire people to pursue the easily attainable and a highly rewarding craft of cocktails at home, frivolous as it may be. People, who think bartenders are just a bunch of lushes, let me assure you, it is not nor has it ever been about getting drunk. It’s that when made properly, the virtues of a handmade cocktail take an extra moment or hour to appropriately savor.

Among the bar in Dhaka Bangladesh, few of the Dhaka bar have internationally trained bartender to make drinks and cocktails. Best drinks are sold in the posh bars of 5 star hotels but these drinks are immensely expensive. There are some bar in Uttara, Dhaka which provide quality cocktails in a reasonable price.

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