Mi 3 Review –Sleek Body with High Performance Smartphone

Mi 3 Review –Sleek Body with High Performance Smartphone

The Mi 3 is accelerating life with its latest Smartphone with a sleek body and high performance. This elegant handset comes with a Qualcomm processor of Snapdragon 800. It also offers primary camera of 13-mega pixel with wireless connectivity. Its own User Interface (UI) and Cloud space acts as the backup of the contents.

Some Special Features of Mi 3

It’s coming with many attractive features of its performance, display, IPS technology, Pressure Sensitive and Design. Moreover, its Thermal Graphite, Camera, Battery and Mi User Interface is great. So, let’s keep learning more about them.

High Performance & Display of Mi 3

It’s well paced with the latest model’s processor like the Quad-Core Snapdragon 800, GPU Adreno 330 with 2GB RAM, resulting a great experience of favorite apps and games at a blazing speed. Its 2GB RAM offers a high data rate, amazing bandwidth, power efficiency and memory density. The phone presents a 5-inch pressure sensitive, Full HD display with 441 pixels per inch. Its IPS technology is providing vibrantly stunning color’s consistency and easy viewing ease from any angles. Its backlit display comes with the touch-screen gives you loads vibrant colors and black detail.

Design, Camera & Battery life of Mi 3

The body of the Mi 3 is aluminum-magnesium coated alloy with the thermal graphite with three layers that’s providing a rock-hard outer frame. It comes with speaker grills of 120 laser-cut and a USB port of metal-reinforced. Its water-resistant cover is microfiber lining and protects it from end to end.


Its primary camera comes with 5-piece lens including an infrared to deliver more accurate and detail colors with 13-mega pixel. The front camera is 2mp allowing to capture good selfie with 30mm wide-angle lens. Mi 3’s battery life is amazing with 3050mAh’s 4.35 voltage lithium-ion integrates its power management from the CPU. This offers you to get each last drop of the high-performing battery.

Other Features of Mi 3

Mi User Interface – It’s a customized new level phone redefines with the Android operating system. You can check used data; backup all data in its Mi Cloud and blocking of unwanted contacts.


Phone Experience – Get contacts, simply using its dial pad that’s displaying an avatar in full screen.


Android OS – Its operating system is the Android Kitkat 4.4.2 based on the Mi User Interface. It’s compatible with your loving games and apps. There are built-in themes, setting options, widgets etc.


Connectivity – Mi 3 is coming with multiple connections like NFC, Dual-band Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth v4.0. It also supports 2G/ 3G networks. Its 5 GHz WI-FI feature gives quick data transfer without disconnects. It supports Mini SIM cards as well.


Sound – The phone uses Dirac technology that’s adjusted the audio output for better quality sound based on your headphones type. It has brought to you the first SFX surround sound to the headphones and giving theater-like sound.


So, these all attractive features can make you confirmed to buying this great Mi 3 phone within cheap budget. It’s taking with the free Mi Cloud option to backup files, high quality cameras and many more amazing features to make you happy. Moreover, it’s a budget phone offering great connectivity, software and reinstalled apps.


Meta Description

Mi 3 is a sleek designed, high performing Smartphone coming with great apps and features such as Display, Camera, Battery life, Android OS and Sound.

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