Rising Storm 2 Vietnam – Themed on the Vietnam War

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam – Themed on the Vietnam War

The Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is one of the upcoming warfare games of 2017. It’s themed on the Vietnam War. The developer and publisher of the game are respectively Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive along with Iceberg Interactive. This shooter video game of the tactical first person is a sequel of ‘Rising Storm’ that was released in 2013. It’s the late-war stages of conflict of the Vietnam wars and the asymmetrical gameplay is placed in the game.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam – Themed on the Vietnam War


There are 64 players in the game against of one from either the North or the South in the Vietnam War, using weaponry and era specific equipment. All factions of the asymmetric typed game have featured unique abilities with option to reflect. At the beginning, players should select from the Northern Liberation Front or the North Vietnamese Army next to of the United States Army as well as the United States Marine Corps.


The first part of the game loved most of the game lovers and was selected as the 2013’ Game of the Year in Multiplayer options. The second installment is coming with more dramatic action in the sequel of the Vietnam set. You’ll find fast and loud American troops with skimming helicopters. On the other side, the Vietnamese cong spawn in the tunnels, ambushing LZs and appearing at the back of capture points. Maintaining a good teamwork is the key point to get success in the war, instead of being a good shooter. Tyler will be seen trying with his hand to control manning their guns and helicopters. The addition of automatic and modern weapons could be a bigger shift in the series than the helicopters. These are the part of the identity of the Rising Storm and the Red Orchestra demands their precious aim with semi-auto and bolt-action weapons. But, authentic quest not changed and it’s hard to handle the weapons of the game.

The game pushes the asymmetry into the air as well as under the ground. The publisher doesn’t have interests, describing the cause of the game, instead, they have focused how the war was fought. Here is huge scenery of tunnels, napalm, traps and flying, loud helicopters over the jungle-trees. You have to be flown with one among the helicopters skidding and wobbling with the clear patch of forest uploading a nearest significant capture point. You’ll get off and your troops are running and suddenly a rocket-propelled grenade speeded into the air and on your rotor as well. There gets spread flames over the trees.

Honestly, Vietnam didn’t attempt many times in the games, certainly not up to World War II and it couldn’t be said the game is accurately realistic. Arma and other probable ways to lie down and sit under try hardly using the real bodies. The Rising Storm 2 is interesting for military technology, army operations and other tactics of the military concerns. The most exciting thing about the game is its asymmetry that Americans flamethrowers and semi-auto next to the Japanese swords and bolt-actions.



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