Simple Toothache’s Solutions – Common Remedies for Tooth pains

Toothache or tooth pains are not same of the gum infection; it could be gentle tenderness and peerless sore pain in teeth and around the jaws as well. The major reasons of toothaches are cavities, infection, gum disease, exposed tooth root, jaw joint disorder, loose filling and cracked tooth.

Simple Toothache’s Solutions – Common Remedies for Tooth pains

Some Simple Toothache’s Solutions

When you are suffering from pain with your teeth, but you have no chance to meet a dentist at this time then, what to do? You can’t leave it with pain; here are some home remedies for toothache and gum infection that can provide you easy and quick relief.

Use Garlic

Garlic is a popular and being used for an ancient time as the remedies for toothache. The powerful compound of garlic named “allicin” that provides the anti-biotic properties of garlic. After crushing garlic its compounds are released to assist making slow the activities of bacteria upon ingestion and application. Apply some crushed clove of garlic or powder of garlic on the affected areas. It could be burned first time, but it will make the pain less even vanished within a short time. Repeat this process for some days and it will make you free of tooth pain and other gum conditions as well.

Ice it

Take a small cube of ice in some plastic bag, use a thin cloth to wrap the bag and then put it on the aching teeth for up to 15 minutes to make the nerves numbs. Alternatively, the ice pack could be put on the cheek, on the aching teeth. Moreover, according to the folklore, if you massage, ice cube in your hand, it can give relieve your toothache. The nerves of your fingers send the signals “cold” to the brain, it can override the tooth pain to vanish or lessen the pain.

Ginger – cayenne paste

Take equal parts of ginger and cayenne with some water to make them paste and roll them a small cotton ball into the paste to soak it; place the cotton roll on the tooth, but avoid your tongue and gums. Keep it there until the pain is subsiding, or up to the time that you can keep it until burning sensation. These spices are to be used separately to get relief tooth pain, because both of them have pain killing properties.


Cloves have the properties of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It’s a good and popular remedy for tooth infection, toothache, and tooth abscess along with gum problems. Cloves have the ingredient named “eugenol” that has properties of anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which reduce the pain of the teeth and other illness inside the mouth. The easiest way to use cloves is with clove oil. Take ¼ glasses of pure water and mix 2/4 drops of clove oil with a ball of cotton or you can swish it inside of the mouth.

Pepper & Salt

A mixture of salt and pepper could be the great remedy of tooth pain as both of the ingredients have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Take equal amount of common salt and pepper and add some drops of water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the painful tooth directly and allow it for some times, or until you can feel a burning sensation. Apply this process for some days regularly and you will get relief from toothache.

Finally, these Home Remedies for Tooth pain & Gum Infection is not a permanent ways to get relief of toothache. Meet your dentist as soon as possible for the proper solution. Your dentist will find out the actual reason of the toothache and provides the accurate treatment for permanent relief from the pain and other ill of your mouth.


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